Flavour Beast Salts



NICOTINE: 10mg / 20mg
RATIO:  40VG / 60PG

Flavour Beast Nic Salt is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems.  Intended for pod systems only.

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Due to Federal regulations we are prohibited from describing some e-liquid flavors.  Please contact us for more information.

BLASTIN’ BANANA MANGO ICED: A refreshing tropical breeze filled with exotic flavours like ripe bananas and bright mango illuminates an irresistible combination.

BLESSED BLUEBERRY MINT ICED: This minty fresh blend ain’t just an icy blast of plump blueberries, it’s the best, it’s…blessed!

BOMB BLUE RAZZ: Don’t be shy, come grab a handful of delicious blueberries and tangy raspberries for the ultimate berry bomb!

BOSS BLUEBERRY ICED: Throw on some shades and be the Flavour Beast boss with this exquisite berry blast of plump blueberries!

BUSSIN BANANA ICED: Search no more for the best tasting banana flavour that your tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It’s not disgusting, it’s BUSSIN!

CHILLIN COFFEE ICED: Vibe throughout the day with the best tasting chilly cup of joe!

CHURNED PEANUT:  A nutty experience awaits you with this smooth peanut vape!

DOPE DOUBLE KIWI ICED: Twice the electric flavour from double kiwi and a bold icy undertone for a magnified taste of excellence.

EXTREME MINT ICED: Caution: this potent minty fresh flavour is not for the weak. It’s not strong, it’s EXTREME.

FAMOUS FRUIT KO ICED: The champion of all fruit juices! Do you dare step into the ring to go 1-on-1 and experience the icy cool Famous Fruit Knock Out? If so, STEP RIGHT UP!

FLIPPIN FRUIT FLASH: Taste handfuls of an exquisite fruit fusion that has all the colours of the rainbow!

GRAPPLIN’ GRAPE SOUR APPLE ICED: Bursting with tangy flavour from crushed ripe grapes and ultra-crisp sour apple with an icy blast to cool you down.

GROOVY GRAPE PASSIONFRUIT ICED: Get jiggy with us and dance along to our Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced! This flavour combines the best-tasting qualities of grapes that we all love with icy, bright, and exquisite passionfruit notes!

GUSTO GREEN APPLE: Enjoy heavenly slices of green apples that are so good that you’d be coming back for mo’!

HIP HONEYDEW MANGO ICED: Take your tastebuds on a trip and dip into mouthfuls of smooth and juicy honeydew slices, perfectly paired with mouth-watering mango bites. An iced-out flavour so hip, that you won’t want to skip!

KEWL KIWI PASSIONFRUIT ICED: Keepin’ it icy kewl for the palate, this bright and bold flavour features tangy kiwi bites and tarty passionfruit goodness!

LOCO COCOA LATTE ICED: Go crazy with a cup of kicking flavour that’s smooth and rich with frothy hints of cocoa!

MAD MANGO PEACH: Taste the madness with a powerful combination of succulent mangoes and luminous peaches!

PACKIN PEACH BERRY: This magnificent blend is packed with juicy peaches delightfully paired with the best berries around town!

RAGIN RAZZ MANGO ICED: Take your tastebuds on a rager with the perfect balance of savoury raspberries and super rich mangoes!

SAVAGE STRAWBERRY WATERMELON ICED: Are you savage enough to give our beastly concoction of dark, juicy strawberries and killer watermelon slices a try?

SIC STRAWBERRY ICED: Do you like strawberries? We like strawberries. So why not taste the SICKEST handpicked strawberries out there?!

SLAMMIN STS ICED: Enjoy an abundance of slammin’ flavour twistin’ goodness!

STR8 UP STRAWBERRY BANANA ICED: A refreshing blend of frozen strawberries and bananas! Keepin’ it real for y’all, no cap!

SUPER SOUR APPLE ICED: Delight in the crispness of fresh apples, intensified by a lip-puckering sourness and a frosty coolness that leaves you refreshed.

SUPER SOUR BLUE RAZZ ICED: Dive into a whirlwind of tangy blue raspberry goodness, cooled to perfection with a touch of icy menthol.

SUPER SOUR BLUEBERRY ICED: A sharp sour tang arises under a pronounced blueberry flavour with a refreshing coolness..

SUPER SOUR LEMON ICED: Savor the fresh zesty brightness of lemon, electrified with a sour kick and served over ice for an exhilarating vaping experience.

SUPER SOUR PEACH ICED: Revel in the juicy layer of ripe peaches, heightened by a tantalizing sourness and a chilly blast of menthol.

SUPER SOUR PINEAPPLE ICED: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the bold flavor of pineapple, elevated by a sour twist and a refreshing icy finish.

SUPER SOUR SPEARMINT ICED: This flavor is a superstar! The sweet and slightly sharp minty taste is sure to lend an unexpected twist. Super cool and madly refreshing!

TRIPPIN’ TRIPLE BERRY: An exhilarating bundle of berries storms your senses with intense flavour to enjoy all day long.

WATERMELON G: Grab a piece and enjoy the taste of a wonderful watermelon delight!

WEEKEND WATERMELON ICED: Power through your weekend adventures with marvelous bites of fresh watermelon!

WICKED WHITE PEACH: Subtle delicate notes highlight a stunning swirl of elegant white peach.

WILD WHITE GRAPE ICED: Ayo, check these incredibly plump and delectable white grapes out! Flavour so on point, it’s wild!

WOKE WATERMELON TROPICA ICED: An exhilarating fresh sensation of Icy watermelon swarms your senses, with tropical pineapple and mango profiles.

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Blastin' Banana Mango, Blessed Blueberry Mint Iced, Bomb Blue Razz, Boss Blueberry Iced, Bussin Banana Iced, Chillin' Coffee Iced, Churned Peanut, Dope Double Kiwi Iced, Extreme Mint Iced, Famous Fruit KO Iced, Flippin Fruit Flash, Grapplin' Grape Sour Apple Iced, Groovy Grape Passionfruit Iced, Gusto Green Apple, Hip Honeydew Mango Iced, Kewl Kiwi Passionfruit Iced, Loco Cocoa Latte Iced, Mad Mango Peach, Packin Peach Berry, Ragin Razz Mango Iced, Savage Strawberry Watermelon Iced, Sic Strawberry Iced, Slammin STS Iced, Str8 Up Strawberry Banana Iced, Super Sour Apple Iced, Super Sour Blue Razz Iced, Super Sour Blueberry Iced, Super Sour Lemon Iced, Super Sour Peach Iced, Super Sour Pineapple Iced, Super Spearmint Iced, Trippin' Triple Berry, Watermelon G, Weekend Watermelon Iced, Wicked White Peach, Wild White Grape Iced, Woke Watermelon Tropica Iced


10mg, 20mg

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