Ultimate 100

///Ultimate 100

Ultimate 100


BAKED:  Smooth and creamy blend of sweet vanilla custard !!

BLUE BLOOD:  A Delicious Blue Raspberry Slushy .

BLUE BLOOD ON ICE:  A Delicious Blue Raspberry Slushy + Fresh .

CARAMEL PECAN:  Candied pecans dipped in caramel glaze.

DUNKED:  Graham Cracker Biscuit Dunked In Vanilla Frosting And Rainbow Sprinkles .

EXTREME:  Apple Peach Sour Rings

JELLY DOUGH:  A glazed strawberry jam filled doughnut.

LEMON TRIFLE:  Lemons , pound cake and creams

PEEL:  Corn Flakes – Milk – Banana

TABOO:  Salted Caramel Tobacco , Hazelnut , Toffee

YELLOW BLOOD:  Blue Raspberry Lemonade


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Baked | Blue Blood | Blue Blood On Ice | Caramel Pecan | Dunked | Extreme | Jelly Dough | Lemon Trifle | Peel | Taboo | Yellow Blood


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