T Daawg

///T Daawg

T Daawg


Angel: Devilishly tasty angel food cake and sinfully good icing.

Angel Red: This absolutely insane apple fritter is next level!

Crazy Creme Brulee:  A rich creamy custard dessert with a toasted top.

Dirty Daawg: Butterscotch, butter rum, English toffee vanilla custard.

Dirtier Daawg: A twist on Dirty Daawg with a splash of banana.

Mama Daawg:  An awesome grapefruit and raspberry soda.

Outlaw Reloaded: A mouthwatering hazelnut ice cream cheesecake.

RB Float:  Sweet, creamy & refreshing, has no heavy creams or licorice & tastes like root beer!

Triple Threat: A mouthwatering blueberry strawberry vanilla.

Zippity Do:  A tangy raspberry cotton candy.


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