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GOOD VIBES: A chilled fruity juice with a taste of pineapples, passion fruit and everything made in paradise.

LICK IT: Smackin’ peach slices topped in a rich orgasmic cream.

MAFIA PRINCESS: Talian caked drenched in espresso, layered with intensely whipped love.

PONY ON ACID: Freshly picked bush berries, satisfyingly tart pineapple and perfectly sour limes, all smoothed out with extra generous dollop of cool cream.

SAMMIE PUFFS: Golden graham crackers squished in chocolate kisses and fluffy marshmallow clouds.

SHE’S A DIME: Dreamy lime cake pop, drizzled in a creamy lemon sauce.

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Good Vibes | Lick It | Mafia Princess | Pony on Acid | Sammie Puffs | She’s a Dime


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