NEATO:  A perfectly balanced sweet and tart mixed berry lime mojito.

OMG:  A light & sweet, ripe mango with a fresh and juicy whisper of jackfruit and blueberry.

SRSLY:  A classic juicy orange & peach flavor combination with a gentle hint of cooling.

Y THO:  A brilliant juicy grape with a simple blend of jackfruit and gentle cooling.

YEET:   Tart cranberry mixed with raspberry and lemonade.

YIKES:  A blend of fresh candied blueberry & raspberry flavors with a sweet & sour twist – & a gentle hint of cooling.

NICOTINE:  3mg / 6mg
RATIO:  70VG / 30PG

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Neato | Omg | Srsly | Y Tho | Yeet | Yikes


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