BLACK CHERRY: Sweet and tangy black cherry.

BLUEBERRY: Pleasant blueberries with sweet cream notes.

BOLD TOBACCO: Bold and smoky tobacco.

CLASSIC: A taste that resembles cola gummies.

COCO BANANA: Sweet bananas and a hit of coconut blend.

COOLING MENTHOL: Intensely refreshing menthol with a cooling effect.

DOUBLE APPLE: Delicious and crisp apple.

GRAPE KRUSH: Delicious grape soda flavor.

GREEN DEW: Spiced citrus soda that resembles citrus sodas.

HONEYDEW: Aromatic and sweet honeydew melons.

LYCHEE: Exotic, sweet and ripe lychees.

MENTHOL TOBACCO: Cool and clean menthol tobacco flavor.

MILD TOBACCO: Mild and smooth tobacco.

NUDE: Flavorless

PEACH: Sweet and juicy summer peaches.

PEACH DRINK: Sweet peach punch topped with fizzy pop.

POMEGRANATE: Pleasantly sweet and fragrant fruit flavor.

PURE TOBACCO: Fresh cut tobacco, crisp and clean without being sweet or fruity.

RICH CAPPUCCINO: Freshly steamed milk and perfectly roasted espresso coffee.

RTBR: Creamy sweet licorice root beer.

STRAWBERRY: Delicate taste of sweet strawberries.

VANILLA: Sweet vanilla cream.

WATERMELON: Succulent watermelon hard candy.

WHITE FREEZIE: Refreshing fruity flavor that resembles white freezes.

NICOTINE:  0mg / 6mg / 12mg

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