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Kilo Sours

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BLUE RASPBERRY SOURS:  Blueberries & raspberries blended with sweet & sour candies.

GREEN APPLE SOURS:  Blend of green apples with sweet & sour candies.

MANGO TANGO SOURS:  Vibrant tropical mix of a sweet mango candy with a slight hint of sour.

PINEAPPLE PEACH SOURS:  Flavorful punch of pineapple peach in sour gummy form for a sweet and tangy delivery.

RAINBOW SOURS:  Delicious medley of fruity flavors from strawberry, lemon, melon and apple.

STRAWBERRY SOURS:  Blend of strawberries with sweet and sour straw candies.

WATERMELON SOURS:  Blend of watermelon with sweet & sour candies.

RATIO:  70VG / 30PG

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