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BLITZKRIEG BERRIES: An intense blend of wild berries that will launch a barrage of flavor for your taste buds.

CARAMEL TOBACCO: A light tobacco with a touch a caramel.

DONUT FINGERS: Fluffy donut sticks coated in sweet glaze.

FRUIT PUNCH: Whether you are Hawaiian or not this punch packs in he flavor.

KING KONG CREAM: Ripe bananas and cream.

MONKEY BUMBLE PEANUT BUTTER: Creamy peanut butter and banana slice sandwiched together with sweet honey.

RAD RASPBERRY: A sweet, natural raspberry flavor freshly picked from the bush.

SCARY BOO BERRY: Sweet blueberry cereal with sweeter blueberry marshmallows.

STRAWBERRY PATCH: Wild strawberries by the bushel straight from the patch.


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Blitzkrieg Berries | Caramel Tobacco | Donut Fingers | Fruit Punch | King Kong Cream | Monkey Bumble Peanut Butter | Rad Raspberry | Scary Boo Berry | Strawberry Patch


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