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BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY LEMON: A tasty trifecta of fresh blueberries, sweet raspberries, & a touch of tangy lemon. (FRUIT MONSTER)

MANGO PEACH GUAVA:  Luscious mangoes, succulent peaches, and juicy guavas bursting with a deluge of tropical nectar.(FRUIT MONSTER)

MIXED BERRY:  Sweet & savory vape that combines blueberry, raspberry, & blackberry jam with rich creamy buttery toast.

PB & JAM GRAPE:  Freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter & sweet grape jam.

PB & JAM STRAWBERRY:  Freshly buttered piece of toast topped with peanut butter and sweet strawberry jam.

RASPBERRY:  Butter toast with raspberry jam.

STRAWBERRY KIWI POMEGRANATE:  Base of premium strawberry flavorings accented by the poignant notes of tangy kiwi & tart pomegranate to create a sweetly sour fruity vape juice that will pucker the taste buds.(FRUIT MONSTER)

BOTTLE SIZE:  60ml / 75ml
RATIO:  75VG / 25PG

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Blueberry Raspberry Lemon (Fruit Monster) | Mango Peach Guava (Fruit Monster) | Mixed Berry | PB & Jam Grape | PB & Jam Strawberry | Raspberry | Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate (Fruit Monster)


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