Big Dog House Blends

///Big Dog House Blends

Big Dog House Blends


ALPHA:  Refreshingly cool soda with the perfect balance of grape & berries.
ASH:  Savory caramel tobacco.
BELMAL: Sniff out the multitude of fruits in this explosive vape.
BETA:  Tantalizing lime & pineapple blended soda.
BLAZE:  Your favorite cinnamon hearts candy.
BLOODHOUND:  Tease your taste buds with this amazing flavorful pink milk.
BLUE:  Juicy grapes & luscious apples perfectly blended together.
BOO-BERREE:  Sweet & delicious blend of blueberries & raspberries with a sweet finish.  A must try!
BOO-BERREE ICED: The legendary Boo-Berree mixed with koolada.
BRUNO:  Majestic sweet mixture of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries & raspberries.
BUBBA:  Blow some “O” rings with your childhood favorite sweet pink bubblegum.
BUBBAMINT:  Minty fresh flavored bubblegum.
CAGED:  Late summer inspired flavor of smashing sweet cherries with a kick of lime tea.
CORSO:  Fresh strawberries with sweet & tangy kiwi fruit.
DOG-NUTZ:  Fresh baked white powdered sugar donuts.
FANG:  A cool refreshing blue raspberry summer treat.
FRENCHY: Take a ride with the Capt’n to Crunch Island.
GLAZED:  Out of this world flavored donuts.
HOWL:  Find the pot of gold at the end of this sweet & sour candied rainbow.
KNINE:  Juicy peaches meet sweet raspberries with a drizzle of sugar.
MALICIOUS:  The best root beer in town!  Chilled root beer topped with flavorful rich vanilla.
MAMA HAZEL:  Fresh out of the oven a crisp, buttery crust & sweet lemon tart filling.
MERLE:  Sweet blackberries, sour pomegranate with the chocolaty taste of acai berries.
MYSTY:  Escape to the tropics for some pineapples, oranges, & mangoes.
NURDZ:  Nothing nerdy about these little fruity, sweet & sour candies.
ODIN:  Golden sponge cake packed with a creamy vanilla filling.
OMEGA:  Tart grapefruits swirled together with juicy peaches make a perfect soda blend.
PREDATOR:  Jungle monkeys love bananas, coconuts & a quick swing to your kitchen for some cheesecake.
RED ROCKET:  Blast off & take a bite into these sweet, soft & chewy starburst candies.
RIDGEBACK:  Vine ripened raspberries with a glass of cold milk.
SPAZZ:  Pucker up for a glass of sour lemonade infused with strawberries, peaches, & mixed summer fruits.
TAME:  Smooth & creamy vanilla blended with custard with a nutty undertone.
TREATS:  Flavorful juicy oranges & vanilla for the perfect creamy summer treat.
WESTMINSTER:  This cream of the crop blueberries & cheesecake will have you wanting more.
WILD:  Take a walk on the wild side with tangy lemonade, watermelons & blueberries.
XENA:  Mighty battle of succulent watermelons & sweet strawberries sprinkled in sugar.

BOTTLE SIZE:  60ml / 120ml
NICOTINE:  0mg / 3mg / 6mg
RATIO:  80VG / 20PG

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