Big Boy

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Big Boy


BIG BURST: Luscious berries, sweet sticky carnival candy, grandma’s best homemade jam, a pinot Gris fresh from the vine and baskets overfilled with fresh ripe fruits.

BIG CREEM: Roasted almond and pecans caramelized sugar.

BIG CRUNCH: A layer of golden graham, crunchy cereals, lively berries and a dollop of some fresh whipped cream.

BIG EXPLOSION: Nectarine, orange, sweet guava and apricot.

BIG LUSH:  Cold cucumber, luscious dragon fruit & freshly squeezed lime.

BIG SQUEEZE:  Freshly picked mangoes, tart kiwis then carbonated & chilled slightly.

BIG TANGO:  Sweet fresh Oranges, Tangerines with the tartness of Lemon rinds & Kiwi create this sweet-tart flavor.

RATIO:  80VG / 20PG

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