2X’s MINT: Just like the gum with a unique mint blend.
APPLE P: Fresh apple pie with a perfect blend of cinnamon and brown sugar.
APPLES: Crisp red apples.
BANANA: A rich and creamy banana mix, with a sweet kick.
BELLIE TBCO:  Belmont flavor.
BLACK CHERRY: Sweet and tangy black cherry.
BLUEBERRY: Straight from the branches of the blueberry bush.
BLUE RZ: A sweet blue raspberry candy.
BLUE TBCO:  Player’s flavor.
BROWN TBCO:  Rich robust flavor.
BTR RUM: Just like the candies we all know and love.
B SCOTCH: A rich and creamy brown sugar and butter blend.
PINK & BLUE: Classic sweet candy floss with notes of raspberry.
CHERRY: A sweet cherry candy.
CIGARELLO: A light fruit flavor paired with a classic cigar taste.
COFFEE: Classic black coffee flavor.
FLAVORLESS: Only VG/PG and nicotine.
HAZELNUT:  Smooth, rich and delicious nutty flavor.
IRISH CREAM: A creamy and smooth vanilla flavor.
J FRUIT:  Just like chewing on your favorite gum.
MATT N EH: Smooth, mild tobacco with extensive flavoring.
MENTHOL: Smooth, crisp menthol.
MENTHOL TOBACCO: Cool tobacco taste.
MOUNTAIN MINT:  A fruity peppermint menthol mix.
PEACH: Juicy and full of peach flavor.
PINEAPPLE:  Sweet & juicy straight up tropical pineapple.
PIPE TOBACCO: Pipe tobacco, smooth and aromatic.
POMBERRY: Raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate.
POMEGRANATE: Juicy, sweet and tart.
QUITTERS CHOICE: Delicate and sweet, yet full of flavor.
RASPBERRY: Juicy ripe raspberry flavor.
RED TBCO:  Du Maurier flavor.
STRAWBERRY: Delicious strawberry.
SUMMER MIX: Just like the frozen summer drink.
THE BLACK CIGAR: A pipe tobacco taste with fruity vanilla hints.
TUTTI FRUTTI:  Fruity gummy candies.
U.V.C.: Smooth and creamy vanilla custard.
WATERMELON: A watermelon hard candy flavor.
WHISKEY: A smoky, earthy flavor