12 Monkeys

///12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys


BONOGURT: Multiple berries with creamy and tart cream. 80VG / 20PG

CIRCLE OF LIFE:  Mouthfuls of sweet nectar as heavenly slices of succulent & delicious pear

CONGO: Vanilla and fresh strawberries. 70VG / 30PG

HAKUNA: Granny Smith apples with Fuji and cranberries.  70VG / 30PG

HARAMBAE: Grapefruit fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and guava undertones.  80VG / 20PG

JUNGLE SECRETS:  Tropical mangos balanced with lychee notes.

KANZI: Strawberries, watermelon and a hit of kiwi.  70VG / 30PG

MACARAZ:  French macaroon, nutty almonds and raspberry filling.
70VG / 30PG

MANGABEYS: Blend of pineapple, guava and mango accented by Caribbean fruits.  80VG / 20PG

MATATA: Grape and apple.  80VG / 20PG

O-RANGZ: Lemony fruits accented wheaty cereal with creamy milk.
80VG / 20PG

QUEEN SOKO:  Handpicked strawberries mixed with subtle melodic tones of lemon citrus.

TROPIKA: Overpowering concoction of tropical fruits.  90VG / 10PG

NICOTINE:  3mg / 6mg

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