Pax 2 Version 2


The new PAX 2 Version 2 brings a self-optimizing design that includes 4 different heat settings with lip and motion sensing technologies built to optimize power and temperature during use. The newer High-capacity battery offers up to 30% more usage time than the Original Pax, and a deeper oven allows for a more even and efficient heating of your dry herb blends. The Pax 2 V2 Includes 2 Year Warranty.

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The PAX 2 vaporizer is a perfect everyday-carry vape with nice even vaporization, solid battery life, an incredibly discreet look and with its smart heating very efficient with your herbs. Smaller, more powerful and yet still more efficient than the original PAX 1, the PAX 2 is a seriously streamlined portable vaporizer.  Weighing 10% lighter than the original PAX 1, the PAX 2 is 25% smaller in size, making it a perfect everyday carry.

The PAX 2 is outfitted with lip and motion sensors optimizing power use and temperature. The glowing ‘X’ (PAX-logo) LED tells you everything you need to know about your PAX 2. Whether it’s heating up, ready to vape or the battery level, the LED tells it all. The PAX 2 Vaporizer has a higher capacity battery than the original PAX 1, giving you about 30% more vaping time.

The PAX 2 utilizes conduction heating and features 4 temperature settings between 360°F (182°C) and 420°F (216°C). The chamber is larger than the original PAX 1, and offers more consistent, even heating of your blend with a sizable capacity giving you an impressive 10-15 draws out of a fresh fill.

Not only is the PAX 2 a sleek and intuitive vaporizer, it is interactive. The PAX 2 comes with “party mode” to enjoy with your friends as well as hidden features and games like Simon.

Height 3.87 in / 9.83 cm
Width 1.21 in / 3.07 cm
Depth .85 in / 2.16 cm
3.35 oz / 95 g
18650, 3000mAh Battery
4 Temperature Settings
360 – 420° F / 182 – 215° C
2 Year Warranty

In The Box:
Charging Dock
Flat Mouthpiece
Raised Mouthpiece
Cleaning Kit

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